About Laing House Yarmouth

In January 2018, Laing House expanded service in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia with financial support from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. Our work is focused on supporting youth with mental health challenges to create a sense of belonging, hope for recovery, build a supportive peer network and increase social confidence. We do this by creating health social programming and environments where peer support happens. Laing House follows the RESPECT Principles: Real empowerment; Environment is youth friendly; Support and guidance from adults; Participation in meaningful; Establish goals; Community matters; and Together we learn. Beyond these basic elements, Laing House Yarmouth will be shaped by Yarmouth’s unique community.

In Spring 2018, a Community Needs Assessment was conducted in Yarmouth to hear from youth, families and service providers to better understand what the community-based services needs are for youth with mental health conditions. Approximately 200 youth were consulted, several family focus groups were held and a community partner workshop, interviews and surveys conducted involving 30 organizations and services.

Laing House is an active, youth serving agency in the Yarmouth community committed to working with partners in both the informal and formal mental health system. We believe in working together to make a difference.