Tia Degiobbi

Interim Program Team Manager


To me, Laing House means community and connection. Working here has been one of the most positive experiences of my adult life and I am thankful every day that I get to spend time with, support, and learn from members and other staff. Laing House represents resilience and carrying it forward for both ourselves and those around us, despite what obstacles we may face. This is one of the few spaces where I walked in and immediately felt accepted and like "myself". That is the feeling of unconditional community that I now strive to create everywhere I go. Now and forever! 

Additional Info

  • Email: tdegiobbi@lainghouse.org
  • Phone: 902-425-9018 ext 107

The Foundation Team

  • Crystal Martin
    Crystal Martin

    Fund Development Officer

    • Email cmartin@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 351
  • Colin Bullard
    Colin Bullard

    Fund Development Coordinator

    • Email cbullard@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 536-7025

The Administration Team

  • Heather McPeake

    Executive Director
    Laing House

    • Email hmcpeake@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 ext. 225

The Program Team

  • Tia Degiobbi
    Tia Degiobbi

    Interim Program Team Manager

    • Email tdegiobbi@lainghouse.org
    • Phone 902-425-9018 ext 107
  • Jan Davison
    Jan Davison

    Community Support Worker
    Healthy Living

    • Email jdavison@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 425-5780
  • Hayley Wagner
    Hayley Wagner

    Community Support Worker
    Special projects

    • Email hwagner@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 536-6975
  • Emma Ells
    Emma Ells

    Community Support Worker


    • Email eells@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902)-536-6978
  • Emily Murphy
    Emily Murphy

    Community Support Worker


    • Email emurphy@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 ext 232