Jan Davison

Community Support Worker
Healthy Living


I am excited about living a healthy lifestyle and I strive to instil the same enthusiasm in others. After volunteering at Laing House years ago, I fell in love with it; so when the opportunity to work here became available I knew I had to apply. I embrace a very active lifestyle. I’m into running, hiking, kickboxing, and obstacle course racing. I have a passion for assisting others to reach their goals and find ways to help manage mental illness. At Laing House, I organize programming around maintaining members’ recovery goals including being active and pursuing healthy sleep and nutrition as parts of a holistic approach to wellness. I am also a painter and have a fine arts degree from NSCAD.

Additional Info

  • Email: jdavison@lainghouse.org
  • Phone: (902) 425-9018 x 228

The Foundation Team

  • Colin Bullard
    Colin Bullard

    Fund Development Coordinator

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The Administration Team

  • Heather McPeake

    Interim Executive Director
    Laing House

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  • Crystal Martin
    Crystal Martin

    Administrative Coordinator

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The Program Team

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly

    Program Team Manager

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  • Jan Davison
    Jan Davison

    Community Support Worker
    Healthy Living

    • Email jdavison@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 228
  • Tia DeGiobbi
    Tia DeGiobbi

    Peer Support Specialist

    • Email tdegiobbi@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 232
  • Hayley Wagner
    Hayley Wagner

    Community Support Worker
    Special projects

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 231
  • Mia Johnson-Conrod
    Mia Johnson-Conrod

    Community Support Worker


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    • Phone 902-425-9018 x 229
  • Franco Martinez
    Franco Martinez

    Community Support Worker


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    • Phone 902-425-9018 x 259

The Community Development Team

  • Justin DeVeau
    Justin DeVeau

    Program Assistant

    • Email jdeveau@lainghouse.org
    • Phone (902) 774-2328