Crystal Martin

Administrative Coordinator


Since starting at Laing House, I am completely in awe of what a great team of people are involved here.  Their dedication and hard work in every aspect of its operation is amazing.

I came to Laing House with a background in Museum Management and Curatorship, and  have worked in the not-for-profit sector as a Museum Curator for the past twelve years.  While no longer designing exhibits and cataloguing artifacts, there are many similarities, including database and file management, fundraising and event planning.  On the other hand there are also many differences, and taking on these new roles certainly helps to keep things interesting.

Anyone who meets me quickly learns that my passion is horses.  I enjoy horse-back riding, going camping with my husband to explore the province and visit museums, as well as spending time with my retired racing greyhound.

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The Foundation Team

  • Colin Bullard
    Colin Bullard

    Fund Development Coordinator

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The Administration Team

  • Heather McPeake

    Interim Executive Director
    Laing House

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  • Crystal Martin
    Crystal Martin

    Administrative Coordinator

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The Program Team

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly

    Program Team Manager

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  • Jan Davison
    Jan Davison

    Community Support Worker
    Healthy Living

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  • Tia DeGiobbi
    Tia DeGiobbi

    Peer Support Specialist

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  • Hayley Wagner
    Hayley Wagner

    Community Support Worker
    Special projects

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  • Mia Johnson-Conrod
    Mia Johnson-Conrod

    Community Support Worker


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  • Franco Martinez
    Franco Martinez

    Community Support Worker


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The Community Development Team

  • Justin DeVeau
    Justin DeVeau

    Program Assistant

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