Blue Nose Marathon

Support Laing House in the 2023 Blue Nose Marathon & Charity Challenge

On your mark! Get Set! Giv’er! The Blue Nose Marathon is back!

Halifax Race Dates: May 19-21, 2023

The Charity Challenge is a unique fundraising program available at the Blue Nose Marathon. Participants can make their run/wheel/walk more meaningful by raising funds for their favourite charities, who participate in a friendly competition to raise the most funds…hence a “challenge”.


Everyone loves meeting Myles on Race Day!

Become an honorary "Stigma Stomper" and Get Moving with your own Charity Challenge Team 

If you’re planning on participating in the Blue Nose Marathon this year, why not go the extra mile and collect pledges to support Laing House?

You and your run/walk/wheel team can help us stomp out stigma by registering for a Blue Nose event of your choice and promoting our Charity Challenge fundraiser.

If you need assistance, contact Colin Bullard, our Laing House Blue Nose Team Captain:

Colin will help you register, as well as offer information about Laing House to share with your friends, family and sponsors. He will also be your motivation coach!

Thank you in advance, Laing House appreciates any and all support in helping our members stomp out mental health stigma!

Stay tuned and check out our social media for exciting updates about Laing House, runners and more!