Step Up for Laing at the

Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon will all be virtual this year. For the first time ever, participants can raise money in the comfort of a space of their own choice, allowing people from all over the world to fundraise and support Laing House on their own time and pace.


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How do you join?

  • Start by registering. You can see a step-by-step guide here.
  • Encourage your friends & family to join your team!
  • Fundraise by collecting donations or hosting events
  • Train for your race
  • Giv’er!


Support Stigma Stompers

Due to social distancing restrictions, it is now more important than ever for those with mental health challenges to get out, exercise and support one another. Our member group, Stigma Stompers will have a walk/run group and will participate and train together. If you are looking to support the Stigma Stompers group through donations to support registration fees, events etc., email


Not a runner? You can walk! Still not into it? You can still support Laing House youth living with mental illness by fundraising for the Stigma Stompers team or a runner you know. Together, we can make an impact for youth and young adults on their path to recovery. Mental illness isn’t a choice, but you can make sure that finding help is.

“I look forward to attending the Laing House run group every week. It’s great
motivation to exercise and a fun way to get out and meet new friends.”

– Laing House member

Help Laing House stomp out stigma! Become a Stigma Stomper today!