Laing House means so many different things, to many so different people. To some, Laing House is a resource for programming such as education and employment, whereas for others it is a place to try new activities and broaden horizons. Laing House is a safe, comfortable environment where our youth are able to be themselves without fear of judgment or stigma. 

Membership Benefits include:

  • A peer support group who have similar experiences with mental help

  • Opportunities to improve social skills without fear of judgment

  • Access to support for education, employment or housing services

  • Assistance setting and reaching goals

  • Physical activities available through various programming such as yoga or walking group

  • Information and assistance to help develop healthy coping strategies

  • Public speaking opportunities to educate others on mental illness

  • Opportunities to experience new activities or learn a new skill set

  • Assistance with independent living

If you are ages 16-29 living with have a diagnosis of mood disorder, psychosis, and/or anxiety disorder, and think Laing House would be good fit for you, call us at (902) 425-9018 or apply online.