About Laing House in Sackville

The FriendZone has been running in the Sackville area for a few years. Recently, the partnership group took some time to review the program offering. The team is supporting a fall program as well as participating in the Sackville Youth Centre development, due to open in November 2018.

An outreach model (pictured below) has been developed to help identify and engage in the community to support greater awareness of FriendZone programming as well as create broader support for youth with mental health challenges.

sackvillediagram Laing House is interested in growing our role and presence in the Sackville community in the coming months and years. We are optimistic about the Sackville Youth Centre development and engaging as an active partner in this work.

Laing looks forward to building a stronger connection to increase awareness and engagement in positive mental health in this community.

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