Tracy Boyer

Manager of Community Development


Coming to Laing House feels like returning to the roots of work that have been very important and transformative to me in life. I’m back on Barrington Street, working in an old building with a strong story, in a hub for young people who are working with life transitions, challenges, and supporting each other to prosper. At the Hub Halifax I remember being around people with some of the same aspirations and hopes for themselves and those around them. Our collective intention was always about personal and community growth for the better. It’s nice to be back in that again.

I bring a passion for process and collaboration to Laing House, supporting people and organizations to come together to make positive change. This coming together should create a better continuum of support for the challenges youth and their families face in Nova Scotia when mental health and illness are part of life. I am learning a lot from the diversity of people at Laing and have a lot more to learn about what this looks like and how I can contribute. I live in HRM but I have a soft spot for rural communities and look forward to the community development work taking me to the rural parts of Nova Scotia.

When I’m out of the Laing House Hub(s) you can find me in the garden, on a bike, making a mess at the art table, and running feral in the countryside with kids, friends, and family.


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  • Phone: (902) 425-9018 x 226

The Foundation Team

  • Andrea Eisses
    Andrea Eisses

    Executive Director,
    Laing House Foundation

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018
  • Sarah White
    Sarah White

    Fund Development Coordinator

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 224
  • Denise Collier
    Denise Collier

    Fund Development Officer

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    • Phone 902-425-9018 x 253
  • Catherine McKellar
    Catherine McKellar

    Catherine McKellar,
    Communications Coordinator

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 258

The Administration Team

  • Hilary Rankin
    Hilary Rankin

    Executive Director,
    Laing House Association

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 225
  • Crystal Martin
    Crystal Martin

    Administrative Coordinator

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 221

The Program Team

  • Hope Bowden
    Hope Bowden

    Community Support Worker,
    Community Navigation
    RPC-C, B.A. Soc., Dip. Counsel.

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 259
  • Jan Davison
    Jan Davison

    Community Support Worker,
    Healthy Living

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 228
  • Karyn Haag
    Karyn Haag

    Community Support Worker, Evaluation

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    • Phone 902-425- 9018 x 231
  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly

    Program Team Supervisor,
    Education & Employment Coordinator

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    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 257
  • Steph Young
    Steph Young

    Community Support Worker,
    Peer Mentorship

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 222
  • Tyler Simmonds
    Tyler Simmonds

    Peer Support Worker

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 232
  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones

    Community Support Worker,
    Creative Arts

    • Email
    • Phone ( 902) 425-9018 x 229

The Community Development Team

  • Tracy Boyer
    Tracy Boyer

    Manager of Community Development

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 425-9018 x 226
  • Elisha Stairs
    Elisha Stairs

    Community Development Coordinator, Yarmouth

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 774-0905
  • Maggie Scott
    Maggie Scott

    Community Support Worker, Yarmouth

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 774-0905
  • Lacey Wood
    Lacey Wood

    Peer Support Worker, Yarmouth

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 774-0905
  • Quinn MacIsaac
    Quinn MacIsaac

    Community Support Worker

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 830-0387
  • Bailey Cooke
    Bailey Cooke

    Community Development Coordinator, Yarmouth

    • Email
    • Phone (902) 774-0905

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