Getting Back in to School

“Education and Employment provided me with a good support system. It really helped me to accomplish my goal of getting back in to school. It was really beneficial to have them by my side, assisting me with every need that came up. Whether it was registering for classes or applications and forms that I needed to fill out or if I just needed someone to be there to help me figure things out. There was great peer support too.”

– Tevin, Laing House member

Drop-in Art

“Before coming to Drop-In Art at Laing I hadn’t touched a paint brush in over 10 years. Having access to a wide range of supplies and more space to work in gave me the freedom to experiment with the abstract, textured painting that I do. This came naturally to me. I am able to express myself through colors on canvass now.”

- Laing House member

Eating with an Appetite

“I really like eating here because after a stressful day when I have a total lack of appetite from stress, I come here and I do some art and have some laughs. I feel so much better, and then I can really eat with an appetite!”

- Laing House member

Getting Through a Rough Patch

"When I first came Laing House, I was in a financial situation that left food security in doubt. Having the ability to not only learn some new culinary skills but also have a guaranteed meal for the night helped me get through a rough patch in my recovery."

– Laing House member

Comparable to Nothing Else

“We are so deeply impressed by the work done by Laing House. Each and every year, you empower the youth that live with mental illness through outreach, skill development, education, peer support and so much more. You are a staple in the Halifax community, and the programs that you offer make a big difference in the lives of many. The work that Laing House does for the youth in our city is comparable to nothing else. We are so grateful for your continued efforts!”

– 2013 National Conference Planning Committee, Canadian Nursing Students Association.

A Remarkable Organization

“Laing House is a remarkable organization, ahead of its time in recognizing the distinct needs of young adults, ahead of its time in recognizing the importance of peer support and ahead of its time in taking a resiliency, strengths-based approach to recovery.”

- Lynne Robinson, APNS 2012

Growing Confidence

“I think we were really overwhelmed with the speeches that the actual members did. Really implanted in you how good things have been for them, what the House has done for any individual that’s been there. That they can get up there and speak to 700 people is just amazing to me. That they got that confidence out of that period and it came from Laing House and their support with Laing House.”

- Laing House donor

Making an Impact

“The students remember this presentation better than anything else they learn in my class. This will stay with them for years.”

- Dalhousie Professor after a Youth Speak presentation

Youth Speak presentation

“Your stories really help make me realize how no one talks about mental illness and when you hear mental illness people truly only hear the bad, never the good. There are people who are trying to make a difference. Thank you again for helping get the word out about mental health and making that change.”

- Laing Supporter on the Youth Speak program

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