A Lifesaver

"Laing House was a lifesaver, it reintroduced my daughter back into the real world. She'd lost all her friends, so besides her relatives, she was alone. The outside support was great. [Community Support Staff] was the only one to visit her in the hospital besides her parents and her grandparents."

- Parent of a Laing House member

Everyone Participates

"At Laing House, being with youth that are dealing with the same issues and having the understanding that we all "come as we are" makes it easy to relax together. Instead of focusing on being sick, we have fun together as a group with everyone participating – even if they are on a day pass from the hospital."

– Laing House member

No Reason to be Scared

"A few months ago, feeling desperate and alone, I became a member of Laing House. At first I was scared and worried that this was my last resort and that everything was downhill from here. Depression was getting the best of me and I was getting worn down, quickly. So I started coming to Laing more often and started to build friendships. I felt secure. Not long ago, I had a falling out with my family and wasn't able to return home. Extremely scared, I talked to one of the Community Support Staff and right away, they were making phone calls for a safe alternative for a place to sleep. I also had multiple offers from other members for a place to stay. I can honestly say that I have created a family, build with support, care and love. I have no reason to be scared, because I have you guys. You have no idea how much you all mean to me."

– Laing House member

Inspirational to Say the Least

"I’ve been a member at Laing House for a little over two years now. Watching my fellow members struggle against and defeat the same challenges I have, has been inspirational to say the least. The compassion and understanding at Laing House is made possible through trust, shared experience and true honesty of a sort I’ve rarely encountered. Almost every aspect of a happy productive life is nurtured and promoted by this organization.

Laing house develops good people in difficult situations into better people in more productive situations. Laing House doesn’t just enrich the lives of its own members, it empowers and supports the growth of individuals, families, and initiatives belonging to our whole community. The entire advantage of society at any level is that we all have our ups and downs, times of strength and times of weakness. By working together and sharing in those contrasts we build a stable foundation for the advancement of us all. Laing house is an epitome of what real human communities are all about.

Thank you Halifax. Thank you for Laing House."

- Nick, Laing House member

The Best Decision I Ever Made

"I was living in silence in Halifax, when a friend invited me to Laing House. I joined right away and became involved with as many programs as I could. I tried Writers Circle, where I rekindled my long-dormant love of writing and I still look forward to that every Friday. I cooked meals, I went on community outreach outings and I even joined Youth Speak.

Through Youth Speak I was able to use my experience with public speaking to tell my story. I am able to share with people what I dealt with growing up, and what I continue to deal with. Every day I live with anxiety and psychosis, and I can honestly tell you that I have a happy and healthy life. Not only do I get to tell my story, but I get to hear the stories of others and meet amazing people.

Laing House was exactly the kind of support I needed. I finally had a social circle and a place to go during the day that was safe and welcoming. I came to Laing House unsure of my place in the community and over time, I realized that I am an essential part of it. I am able to give back now to a place that has given so much to me. Laing House helped me stand on my own and taught me that I do have something valuable to share. It has given me the confidence to do the things I want to do in life because I have the support system to help get me there."

- Laura, Laing House member

A Family, A Community

"To me Laing House is more than a place - it is a family, a community and proof that a small group of committed individuals can accomplish great things. I am proud to be part of a business community that not only supports but embraces your organization. As a parent, I take comfort in the fact that organizations like Laing House exist to support our youth today and into the future."

- Patty Faith, Medavie Blue Cross

Summer Student Experience

"From the moment I walked through the door of Laing House, I knew that this was the place I wanted to spend my summer. I was instantly greeted with a warm welcome, and engaged in a great conversation about mental health with a staff member, while I awaited my interview. As a current student at the University of King’s College, spending my first summer here in Halifax, I had been very eager to learn the city and get the most out of my time here. Previously, I knew what a great organization Laing House was, but what I did not know, was the extent of which Laing would far exceed my expectations. This summer has truly been amazing. Every morning, I have been so thankful to wake up eager and excited to go to work and embrace a new day at the house."

- Hannah, Summer Student

Working for Laing House is a Privilege

"I fundamentally believe every person deserves respect, support and understanding. Laing House with its unique peer support model has created an inclusive, caring and supportive environment whereby every member is able to find support and aid in their individual recovery. Members are able to pursue their own passions, unique skills and talents, and achieve their individual goals. Working in such a caring, unique and supportive environment is a privilege."

- Chris, Community Support Worker at Laing House

Believing in Magic

"At Laing House I met people who were struggling with the same problems I was, and many of them were handling it better than me. They taught me, both through example and explicit instruction, how to surmount mental illness. I also learned a very important secret. Different people cope with mental illness using different strategies, and because several dozen were gathered together at Laing House you could compare and tell which strategies were the best.

The people who did the best accepted that they couldn't heal their sickness, and allowed themselves to forget it sometimes. They admitted they didn't know and usually they let themselves believe in magic a little bit but didn't get lost in it. They accepted the cards they were dealt and therefore they proceeded with an easy confidence. I wouldn't bet I'd have learned to be healthy in that way without the people at Laing House to help me." - Chris, former Laing House member

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