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Laing House is committed to being part of the ongoing movement to dismantle systems and practices that stem from privilege, oppression and racism.  Laing House believes that every person has the right to be treated at all times with respect, dignity and fairness.

Over the past several weeks, we have:

  • Developed expectations for professional development and made space for self-directed learning for our staff
  • Supported conversations with our youth members about anti-racism and the importance of supporting Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities
  • Revised our recruitment procedures so that our hiring practices are more inclusive and expanded our scope of candidate sourcing
  • Expanded our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees to include new members with diverse perspectives and experiences

Over the next few months we will also:

  • Expand our Laing House Equity, Diversity & Inclusion policy and Respectful Workplace policy to emphasize our expectations with respect to anti-racism, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Ensure there are processes that provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue by:
    • Providing opportunities for our staff and members to hear the thoughts and feelings of people most impacted by racism
    • Adopting an ongoing strategy to partner with organizations who support BIPOC communities
  • Develop expectations for staff and Board members to be engaged in their personal learning (and unlearning) with respect to racism and its impact on BIPOC communities
  • Find ways to ensure that our physical locations and virtual spaces feel safe, welcoming and supportive
  • Ensure that our commitment to diversity and inclusion and anti-racism are reflected in our upcoming strategic planning exercises

We will continue to look for ways to uphold our commitment and be accountable. We will be prepared for the uncomfortable and sometimes painful conversations. We will work together to listen and learn to build towards a better tomorrow.

This is a living document and will evolve over time with the input and perspectives of all staff, youth members, Boards, and the communities we serve. We will commit to regularly reviewing and reexamining this Statement as Laing House moves through the COVID-19 pandemic, works towards restoring full operations, and continues to empower youth living with mental illness through innovative youth engagement and peer support.

(Last updated: June 29, 2020)

Kerry-Ann Stoddart

Community Volunteer

Executive Director
Laing House

Killian McParland

HR & Governance Committee, Executive Committee
Associate, Stewart McKelvey

Caitlyn (Cat) Robinson

Laing House Member Representative

Rick Dunlop

Partner, Stewart McKelvey

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