• Venezia

    Join us at the Laing House Masquerade Ball for an evening of elegance, beauty and romance. Learn more
  • 2018 Community Report

    Connections with other people are an important part of recovery. It is just as important as therapy or medication. Learn more
  • Here To Help

    Have you been diagnosed with mood disorder, psychosis and/or anxiety disorder? Are you aged 16-29? If you are, we are here to help. Learn more
  • Come As You Are

    Laing House is a peer support organization for youth ages 16-29 who have a diagnosis of mood disorder, psychosis, and/or anxiety disorder. Here, members can embrace their unique gifts and find their way in a caring and supportive environment. Learn more
  • Take a Tour

    Laing House is a warm, inviting environment, but don’t take our word for it. Take the Laing House virtual tour today and see for yourself. Learn more
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LaingHouse: Visit https://t.co/GUQ3ZYW6SP to donate and make a difference in a young person's life #lainghouse https://t.co/WRroic2y5S 1 day ago from Hootsuite Inc.
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Member Events

  • 13 Oct
    HOUSE CLOSED Holiday All Day
  • 14 Oct
    House Hours 10am-7:30pm All Day
  • 14 Oct
    Thanksgiving Dinner All Day
  • 15 Oct
    Motivate Break - Building Better Routines 01:00PM to 02:00PM

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