Community Reports

We are pleased to share with you our annual Community Reports. These documents celebrate successes achieved, member stories and community involvement in each of their years, so please enjoy.


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2014 Community Report 2014 Community Report

"2014 was a year of change, growth, and recovery for many. While we all had our ups and downs, I always knew I had someone to turn to because of Laing House. A big part of what makes Laing House special is knowing that I belong. Between the caring sta and supporting members, there was never a dull moment because I was with people who knew and understood me."

2013 Community Report 2013 Community Report

From spending a Night in Hollywood at the Laing House Masquerade Ball to camping at Kejimkujik National Park, 2013 was another year of milestones and achievement for our members and staff.

2012 Community Report 2012 Community Report

What a year 2012 was, one filled with great stories, adventures and friendships old and new. This year we have inspired, helped and reached people across Nova Scotia. With the release of the Nova Scotia Mental Health Strategy and their focus on peer support, we know we are leading in the right direction. 

2011 Community Report 2011 Community Report

In 2011, Laing House celebrated its 10th anniversary – a decade of empowering youth living with mental illness. Over the course of a year, Laing House’s membership increased by over 100%, new programs were introduced and new adventures were taken.

2010 Community Report 2010 Community Report

With each year membership grows and peer support increases. In 2010 Laing House explored many new areas of programming and had a successful year of fundraising initiatives.

2009 Community Report 2009 Community Report

Laing House’s second annual report covered highlights of 2009, new programs and profiled great organizations that showed support either with a donation or in-kind contribution.

2008 Community Report 2008 Community Report

2008 was a busy year at Laing House. This year was a time of reflection, examination, and discussion on what Laing House is – why we exist and what we do. Over 2008, The Laing House community came together to refine our vision and mission statement, and to articulate the values of our organization.

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