Continue the Dialogue

One in five Canadians will experience mental illness at some point in their lives, so why does no one talk about it?

Often, you can't see a mental illness, touch it or even know it's there – until someone tells you. Most people are reluctant to talk about it with friends, colleagues or their family through fear of being met with stigma. While you may not think you know someone with a mental illness, we bet you do.

Normalizing conversations about mental illness, help those living with fear of stigma, open up and feel comfortable in their community. Did you know that one in three people living with a mental illness do not receive the care they need? Unfortunately it's true, they either are too afraid to ask for help, or help simply is not available.
At Laing House, we welcome youth living with mental illness to come as they are and we encourage peer support to help one another through difficult times. Help us, help those living with mental illness and talk about it.

Talk about it at the dinner table, at book club or at a special event! You can event invite us along, and we can even talk about it with you.

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