Whether you are in high school, college, university or another training program- the start of the school year has the uncanny ability to strike fear, excitement, uncertainty or a mix of all of the above in the hearts of students.

Starting or returning to school can be nerve-wracking, and more so if one is experiencing an exacerbation of the symptoms of a mental illness or difficulty coping in the face of this added stress. A quick, very unscientific poll of the high school students I work with revealed some excellent strategies to plan for the inevitable stress of school…

Bridgewater Peer Support Staff (Casual)

Laing House is an innovative, peer support organization for youth with mental illness where members can embrace their unique gifts and find their way in a caring and supportive environment. Laing House is community-based, youth-focused and youth-directed, providing critical support that is not available through the formal health care system. Staff meet members where they are at, and work together to meet goals around returning to school, seeking employment, re-establishing a peer group, making healthy lifestyle choices and living independently.

We are seeking a highly motivated self starter, who thrives in a vibrant environment, to join our team. As a Peer Support Staff, you will work with our team to engage young adults with mental illness as people with dignity and competence, collaborating with youth to deliver and engage youth in programming.

Pride is a beautiful thing, and it means the world to many of our members.

Halifax Pride week offers the opportunity for Laing House members to come together and celebrate each other’s individuality with allies from all walks of life. We join the pride parade to show support for each other, to yell from the rooftops that we are proud of who we are, and to silence those who want to pull us down. No matter who you love or how you identify, Laing House always welcomes you to come as you are.

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Chris' new fishing group has members hooked

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Last spring myself and a couple other members had a spontaneous idea to get some fishing rods and see if we could catch something in the harbour. So we went down to Walmart, picked up some cheap gear, and then headed down to the waterfront. After hooking our first fish that afternoon, we ourselves were hooked on fishing. We continued fishing in the waterfront until October of last year, catching Mackerel, Herring, Pollock, Fluke, Bergall, Scalpin, and others. After a quick call to the Department of Fisheries & Oceans, we figured out which fish were safe to eat, and made many a meal of the fish we caught.

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Laing House is very lucky to have friends like Egg Studios. Over the years, Egg has been invaluable in allowing Laing House members to tell their stories, to reduce stigma and promote a culture of acceptance for people living with mental illness. By lending their talent for film and animation, Egg Studios had given us the opportunity to exhibit the unique nature of our organization in a way that just can’t be conveyed with text and images alone.

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Volunteers needed for Event Committee

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Primo Vino! A Wine & Whiskey Tasting Committee Volunteers

Do you love planning successful events and making them better and better? Are you passionate about youth mental health? Join the Primo Vino! event committee and make a difference in the lives of youth living with mental illness at Laing House.

The Event
Primo Vino! takes place each Spring with 250+ attendees tasting the latest fabulous vintages. The event also includes a silent auction and raffle. A volunteer committee organizes the event starting in September.

Funds raised at Primo Vino! support Laing House, a peer support organization for youth (16-29 years old) living with mental illness.

All those interested should contact Andrea Eisses at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-425-9018. 

Laing House played host to a very special visitor earlier this month. Her Excellency Mrs. Sharon Johnston, spouse of the Governor General of Canada David Johnston, came to visit Laing House! Mrs. Johnston has a special interest in youth mental health, and with a background Occupational Therapy, she was keen to get to see Laing House’s peer support model in action.

Laing House run group members are training with the Stigma Stompers for the 2015 Blue Nose Marathon! Some members are going on their first Blue Nose, and some are going on their fourth - like James Kelly-Wolfe. James has been a Laing House member for just over a year now, and a run group member from the start. Not only has running improved his fitness, it’s improved his mood and has helped calm his thoughts.
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Joe is joining the Peer Support team

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Joe Leger has joined the Laing House team as a Peer Support Worker!

A little about Joe…he is 34 years young and has been living with Bipolar Disorder since the age of 15. Originally diagnosed in high school after an acute manic episode, Joe continued to struggle with his illness, suffering acute episodes of mania and many difficult hospitalizations.  After a move to Halifax, he became aware of a newly formed support for youth living with mental illness and became a founding member of Laing House.  The friendship, love and support that he found there, truly allowed him to heal and begin his course to recovery. Through his involvement at Laing House and the mental health community, he found joy, meaning and purpose in helping others living with mental illness... Needless to say Joe is thrilled for the opportunity to work at Laing!!

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A Journey to Patch Halifax

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Just before Christmas of this year, four Women’s Group members including myself and Community Support worker Adrienne went to Patch Halifax for a sewing workshop to make Holiday stockings! Patch has five regular sewing machines, plus a serger. Sometimes we have hit or miss activities for Women’s Group, and stocking making was a HUGE hit. My stocking had a nautical theme, something I sought out as soon as I spotted some anchors in the scrap-pile. I quickly started grabbing scraps of red, blue, stripes and checked plaid.

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